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PREPARED is a free marriage education and relationship-building program that begins with a range of trainings and engaging activities to prepare singles for marriage and equip couples to sustain long-lasting and healthy marriages. The program culminates with an annual retreat in Orlando, FL at 4-star resort. The PREPARED programming includes on-demand online video course, live virtual sessions, fun activities and outing and an in-person kickoff event with a catered lunch, hosted by renowned expert and TV personality, Dr. Jacquie Del Rosario, America’s Marriage & Relationship Coach.

Join our PREPARED Program Event for both singles and couples at the elegant Shalala Center on Saturday, June 1st.

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Program Experience

How to get started?

Participants will begin their cohort with a 2-week onboarding process, working with a Program Coordinator and Case Manager to learn the specifics of their cohort, understand the program in its entirety and make referrals if additional support is needed. Participants will complete a series of surveys to gauge their initial perceptions about relationships, which will be compared at the program’s end. Rest assured, all responses remain confidential. To join the program, participants will register online by completing the PREPARED Registration Interest Form.

If you are a group or community based organization leader/organizer and would like to bring this program to your organization, please complete the New Group Interest Form.

Kick Off Event

After onboarding is complete, participants from the same cohort, both singles and couples, come together for a grand kickoff event presented by Dr. Jacquie Del Rosario, known worldwide as America’s Marriage and Relationship Coach. Singles and Couples partake in an interactive day of engaging workshops delivered by Dr. Jacquie and participate in engaging activities and games throughout the event. Participants will receive their program curriculum, welcome gift basket and activities box that includes the items needed for the next set of events. While the host group provides basic venue setup and beverages, RTV covers the rest –food, decorations and entertainment.

Virtual & In-Person Events

Post the kickoff, depending on the cohort format (in-person or virtual), participants will engage in two more training/activity events. Couples will experience the “Couples Experience”, and singles will attend the “Singles Hangout.” Both sessions promise enriching skill-building lessons from
experts and delightful activities.

On-Demand Courses

Missed an event? Fret not! Participants can tap into PREPARED’s on-demand relationship course that features a collection of video lessons for you to revisit lessons or dive deeper into topics of interest.

PREPARED Retreat – Fit 4 Marriage & Couples Bootcamp

To wrap up the program, we are excited to invite participants to participate in our PREPARED Retreat. This is our annual extravaganza, held at a five-star resort in Orlando, FL. It’s a festive gathering designed to celebrate the year’s achievements and enhance camaraderie among participants. Attendees will have the opportunity to hear from expert and TV personality, Dr. Jacquie, America’s Marriage & Relationship Coach, and the nation’s top speakers on Health, Wealth, & Relationship Wellness.

Key Program Personnel

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Frequently Asked Questions

PREPARED is a meticulously designed self-care and relationship education program aimed at nurturing your well-being and fostering healthy relationships for couples and singles. Participants have access to On Demand Online courses, in person & virtual sessions, resource packed activity boxes with all the relevant materials for these sessions.

The program is delivered in two tracks: self-paced and guided. The self-paced track offers on-demand access to our exclusive PREPARED online course. Participants can learn and explore the material at their own pace by watching a serious of online video lessons. Our guided option places participants in a cohort-style group where each participant will attend in-person and live virtual session led out by Dr. Jacquie Del Rosario, America’s Marriage & Relationship Coach, and ReCapturing the Vision.

Organizations that have a minimum of 60 people readily available to participate in the program can create an exclusive cohort to received services, or partner with another organization to reach the minimum number of participants. This can be a combination of single and couples. RTV will meet with the group/organization leader to go over all pertinent details and program requirements. RTV and the group/organization will formalize a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to establish dates, activities, deliverables and expectations. For more information please complete the New Group Interest Form.

Yes, we offer a Couples Experience designed to strengthen the bonds of partners. For those who are single or are in any other relationship status (i.e. divorced, widowed, separated, etc.), we have a Singles Hangout track that provides participants with resources and lessons needed to be healthy and whole.

The PREPARED Retreat is a transformative experience for couples and singles designed to foster deeper connections, personal discovery and self-empowerment. The PREPARED Retreat offers an enriching environment to help strengthen relationships and build resilience customized tracks for singles and couples. Registration includes accommodations, conference access, lunch, welcome swag bag and more.

This program typically takes place monthly over a span of 3 months; however, we offer a self-paced option that gives participants access to on-demand online video lessons to experience at their own leisure.

For more details or to sign up, please complete the New Group Interest Form or you can reach out to Nelson Fernandez:


Phone: 305-232-6003 ext.290